GreenPath Financial Tools

Green Path financial wellness logoDuPont Community Credit Union cares about your financial health and believes that the more education and tools you have to manage your money, the more likely you are to establish a secure financial future for you and your family. DCCU has partnered with GreenPath® financial wellness solutions to deliver free, valuable information you can put into practice immediately.

GreenPath is a non-profit company that helps you achieve your financial goals so you can pay bills on time, build a financial cushion, save for the future, and enjoy life without financial stress. GreenPath offers guidance in a variety of areas, including money management, housing counseling, debt repayment, and more.

Online Education & Tools

Whether you're starting out or trying to get back on track, GreenPath offers a variety of online resources to help you with everything from creating a spending plan to managing your checking account and more. Click on each image below to learn more.


Check Right Online Financial Tools

CheckRight is a self-study program designed to teach you how to manage your checking account. You'll learn how to open an account and create a spending plan, make deposits and write checks, and reconcile your account.


BudgetSmart Online Financial Education

Learn how to manage your money with BudgetSmart, an easy-to-use software tool. Track your spending, learn how to make adjustments as needed, and see how major purchases or changes to your income could affect your budget.

GreenPath University

GreenPath University Online Financial Tools

GreenPath University is your one-stop shop for financial education, including videos, e-courses, games, calculators, educational articles, and more.


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Individualized Services

Debt Management Plans

If you're working to pay off debt, a GreenPath Debt Management Plan could be for you. GreenPath will contact your creditors on your behalf and negotiate repayment terms. A Debt Management Plan from GreenPath may lower interest rates and monthly payments and waive late fees and over limit fees. 


Free Financial Counseling

GreenPath provides confidential debt counseling, free of charge. A GreenPath counselor will work with you to understand your personal financial situation and goals, develop a budget, and share ideas to help you get out of debt through a personalized action plan. Contact GreenPath at 877-337-3399 to get started today.


Student Loan Counseling

If the thought of repaying your student loans is overwhelming, GreenPath's student loan counseling may be for you. GreenPath offers two counseling options to help you find the best repayment option and develop a repayment plan. There is a cost associated with GreenPath's student loan counseling. For information about cost and to see if student loan counseling is right for you, call the GreenPath Student Loan Helpline at 855-400-3718.

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