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Our full-service ATMs make it easy to manage your finances when it's convenient for you.

Full-Service ATMs

It’s easier than ever to withdraw cash or make a deposit at a DCCU ATM, but did you know you can pay your loan or transfer funds as well? Our full-service ATMs are one way DCCU makes banking convenient for our members. You can perform a variety of transactions, including:






Keep in mind:

  • DCCU ATMs will request your Personal Identification Number (PIN) between every transaction
  • ATMs accept all bill denominations for deposit, up to 30 bills per deposit
  • Deposit up to 10 checks at one time per transaction

ATM Locations

DCCU has ATMs conveniently located at each branch location as well as several standalone ATMs throughout the community. Visit our locations page to find a DCCU ATM near you.

ATM Security Features

In addition to the implementation of advanced physical and electronic monitoring, our ATM card readers have now been equipped with hardware which will further deter tampering. If the card reader or surrounding hardware is modified or damaged, the ATM will be immediately taken out of service. Additionally, pin-pad guards have been installed on all of our ATMs.

DCCU utilizes chip technology to transmit data during transactions, rather than through the traditional magnetic strip. When your card is insert in the ATM, the card reader will clamp down on your card, securing it in place during the transaction. Your card will be released once the transaction is completed.

We encourage your continued vigilance in helping to prevent ATM skimming in our community. When visiting an ATM or using any type of merchant card reader, we encourage you to take these steps to help protect yourself:

  • Watch for unusual marks, scratches, or loose pieces of equipment on any card reader.
  • Carefully inspect card readers before inserting your card. Skimming equipment is often loosely attached for easy removal. If it’s loose or comes off, you have likely discovered a skimmer.
  • If you think you may have discovered a skimmer, report it to the merchant or financial institution/ATM owner immediately.