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Paying for a Major Purchase

Whether you are looking to open a new credit card, take out a loan, purchase a home, or save funds, DCCU has a product that can help you pay for a major purchase.

Credit Cards

DCCU has a credit card that fits your needs.  Whether you’re trying to establish credit, want to earn rewards, or get cash back on everyday purchases, DCCU has a card for you.

Exploring Loan Options

We understand that everyone’s situation is different. That’s why we offer a variety of loan options. From a personal loan to a mortgage loan, DCCU has the loan that fits your life. 

Home means something different to everyone, and we know how important finding the right one is. After all, your home isn’t just a house. It’s where you’ll host backyard barbeques and family dinners. It’s where you’ll make lasting memories.

Just like everyone’s picture of home is different, every buyer’s situation is unique. Your local DCCU mortgage team will help you navigate the lending process, finding the home loan that’s right for you.

Home Equity Plus is a smart way to unlock your home’s value to pay for things you need like home improvements, education costs, debt consolidation, unexpected expenses, and more. It starts as a line of credit and allows you to convert up to 3 fixed loan segments for a specific term amount. It offers the flexibility you need because it’s a line of credit plus a fixed-rate loan – all in one!

Secure the money you need with a personal loan from DCCU. With rates as low as %%personal-24.low%% APR, a personal loan could be a great way to pay for unexpected expenses, consolidate debt, or even finance your family vacation. Personalized to fit your needs, a Personal Loan from DCCU could be right for you.

  • Can be used for debt consolidation, emergencies, travel, and more
  • Unsecured – No collateral required
  • From $100 to $30,000
  • Up to four-year terms
  • Funds deposited directly into your DCCU account
  • Simple Interest Loan – Pay it off early with no penalty

Get behind the wheel of your new vehicle faster when you finance an auto loan with DCCU.  With great low rates, our auto loans have been designed with our members in mind.

Wherever you are in your higher education journey, get the money you need for school. Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, flexible student loan options from DCCU in partnership Sallie Mae can help meet your needs.  

Competitive Interest Rates

Multiple Repayment Options

No Origination Fees

No Repayment Penalty

Savings Accounts

A savings account is usually the first banking product people use and it is a great way to meet short-term goals. Savings accounts earn a small amount of interest and are considered to be a low-risk investment.  It is also easy to access your money when needed. With your $5 minimum deposit to a Share Savings Account, you become a member-owner of DCCU, entitled to take advantage of all the benefits, products, and services available to our members. Maintaining a $5 balance in your Share Savings Account represents your share in the Credit Union.


Savings Account

When you have money that you want to earn a higher return on than with a simple savings account, but want access whenever you need it, a Money Market Account may be your best option.

Key Benefits:

  • 6 penalty-free withdrawals each month
  • Earns higher dividends than a traditional savings account
  • Insured by the Federal Government


Savings Accounts

Certificates of Deposit allow you to invest your money at a set interest rate for a preset period of time. 

Key Benefits:

  • Often have higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts
  • Terms range from 6 months to 5 years
  • Early withdrawals may result in financial penalties