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DCCU Rebate Program

Receive 10% back on interest paid

If you have a personal credit card, auto loan, home equity, or personal loan with DCCU, you can earn a 10% rebate on the interest you pay each month.

How it Works

At DCCU, we care about the financial wellness of our members. That's why we're giving you 10% back on interest paid on select DCCU loans with our new Rebate Program. Now for qualifying accounts, you’ll receive a monthly rebate equal to 10% of the interest paid that month deposited into your DCCU Savings account.

Check the Status of Your Rebate

Never miss an opportunity to earn a rebate with our Rebate Program Dashboard. It lists all of your eligible DCCU loans and lets you know if you’re on track to receive a rebate that month. You can easily check the status of your rebate at home and on the go via the DCCU Mobile App or Online Banking.


Monthly Interest Paid

on a DCCU consumer loan

All DCCU Shares Are Current

and in good standing

Active Checking Account

with DCCU

Self-Service Payment

for the loan made by that month's due date

Electronic Deposit Received

during the month via ACH, ATM, direct deposit, or mobile deposit

Products Eligible for a Rebate

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Auto Loans

Now is the time to finance or refinance a vehicle with DCCU. Before heading to the dealership, apply for a no-obligation pre-approval.

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Credit Cards

Enjoy great benefits and save money with a DCCU Credit Card. No annual fees, no application fee. 

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Home Equity

Home Equity borrowing offers you the flexibility you need for unexpected expenses and more! 

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Personal Loans

A personal loan from DCCU can be a great way to consolidate debt or cover unexpected expenses. 

Rebate Program FAQs

DCCU members can earn a 10% rebate every month on the interest paid on qualifying DCCU loans. 

Members must maintain an open DCCU checking account, make an Electronic Deposit (ACH, Mobile, or ATM) each month, and have no negative account balances or delinquent loans. They must also make an electronic payment to their consumer loan (credit card, auto, personal, and home equity) each month on or before the payment due date. 

No, only consumer loans – auto, personal, credit card, and home equity – qualify for the rebate. All business and mortgage loans are excluded.

Credit card payment information will be updated on the 27th of each month. 

If you qualify for a rebate, it will be deposited into your savings account on the first day of each month. 

The rebate will be treated as an adjustment to the amount of interest paid by the member. Contact a tax professional for advice about your specific situation. 

Minimum of $0.10 interest paid per qualifying loan payment. Rebate subject to change. Membership required.