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DCCU's Commitment to Employee Wellness

August 2021 was National Wellness Month, a time for individuals to prioritize their physical, mental, and financial health.  At DCCU, we used it as an opportunity to demonstrate our pledge to wellness by hosting a series of Wellness Days for all employees.  In addition to helping make a difference in the lives of our members and community, we are also devoted to enriching the lives of our employees as well.  From healthy living to financial literacy, these Wellness Days promoted a variety of activities, and provided value to all who participated. 

DCCU hosted a total of 15 Wellness Days that helped to provide valuable health screenings that could provide insight into early detection of chronic health issues.  These health screenings have proven to be incredibly valuable.  In fact, Sarah Landram, DCCU’s Community and Business Development Manager, received one of these assessments during a previous year’s wellness check and discovered that her glucose levels were slightly elevated.  Acting swiftly, the nurse assisting her expressed genuine concern for her health, and offered practical ways that Sarah could manage her glucose levels.  After taking the nurse’s advice, changing a few aspects of her lifestyle, and working with her Primary Care physician, Sarah began to see and feel a great improvement in her overall health.  “I am thankful that DCCU cares so much,” she said.  “Because of these on-site wellness workshops, employees are able to gain a better awareness of their physical health.”  Sarah isn’t the only one to be positively impacted by these health assessments.  Kari-Lyn Henkel, Digital Designer here at DCCU, has a family history of chronic illness and is very conscious of her health.  Kari-Lyn completed a health assessment and discovered that she has no pre-diabetic markers.  “To have access to this information about my health gave me peace of mind about the choices I am making to keep myself healthy,” said Kari-Lyn.  By partnering with local healthcare providers such as Augusta Health and Valley Health, DCCU helped provide 162 health screenings during our Wellness Days. 

In addition to the health screenings, DCCU also provided nutritious lunches for employees during their designated Wellness Days, as well as opportunities to prioritize healthy living throughout the month.  “As an organization that cares deeply for our members’ and our community’s financial wellness, DCCU recognizes the significant role that being physically well plays into living a much fuller life,” said President/CEO, Steve Elkins – a sentiment shared by many other employees.  Wellness Days provided an excellent opportunity to get a better picture of their overall health and wellbeing.  “I think the biggest advantage to working at DCCU is how much they consider the people,” said Kendra Plowman-See, Marketing Content Coordinator.  “It’s incredibly refreshing to work in an environment with such a strong culture of caring.” 

Although physical health was the primary focus of our wellness activities, each Wellness Day also included financial health presentations by Sarah Landram or Carrie Walters.  Carrie—DCCU’s Business Development Officer—met with employees, offering fundamental financial health information as well as pointing out the variety of resources available.  When it comes to educating DCCU employees, Carrie feels that it’s crucial for them to take care of their own financial wellness in the same way they do for our members.  “Participating in our Wellness Days was a great way to remind our employees that DCCU cares about their financial health,” said Carrie.  “We want them to utilize the resources we offer to our membership for their own financial wellbeing.”  A few of these available services include financial coaching, budgeting tools, internal Financial Wellness classes, and student loan counseling.

Although National Wellness Month only lasts for 30 days, DCCU’s commitment to wellness extends beyond the month of August.  There is a yearlong wellness program open to all employees, and by completing a Wellness Form, they are awarded paid time off.  Employees can earn time off by going to the gym, walking for at least 15 minutes per day, or giving up fast food and/or soft drinks for thirty days, just to name a few.  Employees also have the opportunity to participate in complimentary wellness activities such as an annual flu shot, weight loss contests, educational workshops, and a Walk into Wellness Challenge beginning this fall.

Fueled by a passion for serving our members, employees, and community, our wellness month celebrations are just one way that DCCU is striving to make a difference.  To learn more about careers at DCCU, and what it’s like to work here, visit