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Why Bank With Us

The Member Difference

At DCCU, our purpose is to help improve the financial wellness of our members and community, and it's at the heart of everything we do. 

There’s never been a better time to be a part of our cooperative.

DCCU is here to help you navigate any financial situations you face. As a credit union, we exist to help make the lives of our members better. It’s all about financial wellness. To help put it in perspective, consider this analogy. When you are sick, you call your doctor because you have a relationship with them and you trust that they will use their wisdom to provide sound advice, and maybe medicine, to help you feel better. Similarly, think of DCCU as your financial wellness partner.

From the expertise of our employees to our competitive products and services, we have what you need to help you meet your financial goals. Our employees are empowered to help our members make well-informed financial decisions by taking a hands on approach. We walk our members through all of their options and educate them along the way. The goal is to make sure our members thrive and grow.

Here for You
We hope you will think of DCCU first whether you are ready to purchase a home, need a loan to consolidate debt, want to diversify your deposit accounts, need to choose a credit card that is best for you, want to plan for retirement, or simply have a question – we are here for you.

DCCU is an organization anchored in purpose. We advocate for the financial wellbeing of our members and help to improve their lives. We go beyond banking and make a difference by carrying out our purpose.

Quality Products and Services
When it comes to products and services, we are always evaluating what we offer to make sure we are meeting the needs of our members and making the greatest impact possible. Whether we are lowering rates on our auto loans, offering additional credit card points, or improving technology – everything we do is for our members. 

There are more choices than ever when it comes to where and how you bank. At DCCU, our mission and purpose is to be a financial wellness partner and help improve the financial wellness of our members while supporting the community. That's what makes us different.