Fraud Alerts

Please remember DCCU will NEVER contact you by phone or eMail and ask for your Social Security Number, Account Number, PIN or Passwords. This information is personal and confidential to you and under no circumstances would we require this information over the phone, text message, eMail, or by any other channel.

Listed below are fraud/scams that we’ve become aware of in our area. If you think you’ve become a victim of fraud or scam, contact police in your area and any financial institution involved.

April 14, 2014
DuPont Community Credit Union (DCCU) is aware of the “Heartbleed Bug” affecting many Internet servers. The vulnerability is serious, and it could potentially allow a malicious individual to gain access to information sent to a website that would normally be a secure transmission. Since the vulnerability was discovered, we have worked with our security partners to ensure that all of our systems – DCCU’s website, Online Banking, and affiliated programs – are not susceptible to this new security flaw.

January 8, 2014
Target has announced a large payment compromise affecting customers who used their credit/debit cards at Target stores between November 27 and December 15, 2013.

To ensure the overall safety of our members’ accounts, DuPont Community Credit Union (DCCU) maintains systems and monitors transactions to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions. We have identified the DCCU credit and debit cards that appear to be at risk. To ensure the overall safety of our members’ accounts and to protect DCCU from any unnecessary risk, we are contacting all impacted members and replacing their credit/debit cards. If your credit/debit cards were affected, you will receive a letter of notification from DCCU. If we have your email address on file, you will also receive an email.

Based on the information provided to date, the compromised data is insufficient to create a risk of identity theft. Members are still encouraged to monitor their accounts closely and report any unknown or suspicious transactions as quickly as possible. Doing so will eliminate any liability for fraudulent activity on your accounts.

To monitor your account transactions, you should enroll to use Online and Mobile Banking, activate Email and Text Alerts for debit cards and checking accounts, and sign up to receive eStatements. All of these services are free.

If you have additional questions, please read our frequently asked questions.

December 20, 2013
DuPont Community Credit Union (DCCU) is aware of the recent breach of credit and debit card data at Target stores, and we are actively monitoring the situation.

Please keep a close eye on your account and contact DCCU immediately if you discover any unusual or suspicious activity, so that we can quickly work to resolve it. Rest assured, you are not liable for any unauthorized purchases made, if you let us know in a timely manner. One way to easily monitor your debit card transactions is through our “Alerts & Settings” feature in online banking. By choosing to “Manage your Alerts” you will receive immediate notifications when transactions are made against your checking account.

As always, your privacy and protection are of utmost importance to DCCU, and we have implemented strategies to help protect your accounts from fraudulent transactions. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 540-946-3200.

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