Check Imaging

If you haven’t noticed a pattern already, we’ll just point it out, DCCU embraces technology in order to save you time, provide you convenience, and keep operating expenses under control. Thus, DCCU has two types of Check Imaging:

  • Images of cleared checks available in Online Banking
  • Images of deposited checks printed on ATM receipts

Online Banking Cleared Check Images
In an effort to keep expenses down, we don’t return canceled checks with paper statements. (Besides, what would you do with all of them anyway?) Instead, they are available for you to view or print at your convenience. We can still print you a copy but it may take a few days and there is a fee charged.

ATM Check Imaging
No enveloped needed. Yep, our ATMs accept check and cash deposits then provide you with an image of the check on your receipt for your records. No need to wait until the lobby/drive up is open to make your deposit, you can make it on your terms. Be sure to contact us regarding any hold on the check when deposited in the ATM if you don’t have a hold on a check when you deposit at the teller line.

Here are a few tips on making your check images as easy to read as possible:

  • Use dark blue or black ballpoint pen. Avoid all other colors. Do not use pencils or gel pens.
  • When hand printing numbers, it is very important that characters are formed distinctly so that they are not mistaken for each other.
  • When ordering check styles, stay away from checks with backgrounds that are busy or dark. They don’t reproduce well.

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