DCCU Routing # 251483311

Coin Counters

Trade in your loose change with our self-service Coin Counters!

DCCU offers convenient, self-service Coin Counters at select Member Centers. This service is free for DCCU members and available at these locations: 

How it Works

  1. Deposit loose coins into the coin counter at a slow and steady pace to avoid overfill or jams.
  2. After the coin has been processed and counted, press the print button to receive your voucher.
  3. Immediately present your voucher to a DCCU advisor for redemption.
  4. The value of the voucher will be deposited into your DCCU account or provided to you in cash. 


All DCCU members may use the Coin Counters. This service is not available for non-members. If you are interested in opening an account with DCCU, please click here. 

No, the Coin Counters are offered as a free service for all DCCU members.

  • All U.S. coin, except Eisenhower dollars
  • No foreign currency
  • No wet or sticky coin
  • No mixed materials i.e. paperclips, washers, paper, etc.

Coin can be redeemed by deposit into a DCCU account or in cash.

No, your coin voucher needs to be redeemed immediately.

No, there is no limit on the amount of coin that can be redeemed.