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Continue receiving all of the rewards and benefits offered by your DCCU credit and debit card while not having to remember your wallet. Additional benefits of using Google Pay include:

  • Convenience - unlock your AndroidTM device1, hold it near a terminal with the Google Pay or wave logo, and wait for the vibration to confirm your payment 
  • Security - a virtual account number is provided to represent actual account information and is never transmitted to the merchant
  • Simplicity - use your DCCU card anywhere Google Pay is accepted, including in store and in-app purchases. To see a complete list of merchants that accept Google Pay, visit

1Google Pay is only compatible on Android devices that are NFC and HCE-enabled and run KitKat4.4 or higher

How It Works

When using your DCCU credit or debit card with Google Pay, your actual card number is not sent with your payment. Instead a virtual account number represents your account info - so your card details stay safe and secure.

Android Pay Step 1

Look for the contactless symbol or Google Pay logo on the card reader at checkout

Android Pay Step 2

Unlock your device and hold it near the card reader

Android Pay Step 3

Once the transaction is successful, your phone will vibrate and you will receive payment notification

Getting Started

Google Pay Enrollment

Step 1: Download the Google Pay app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Sign in with your Google account.

Enroll in Google Pay

Step 3: To add your personal DCCU card, choose "Add a card". 

Enroll in Google Pay

Step 4: Capture a picture of your card with your phone's camera by placing your card within an onscreen frame. Make sure the numbers of your card line up with the placeholder numbers on the screen. Confirm the card's CVC number and touch Save.

Step 5: You'll then be asked to agree to the card issuer terms.

Google Pay Enrollment

Step 6: Google Pay will then verify the card with DCCU and may request you call us for additional security authentication. To set your DCCU card as your preferred payment, tap the card and select "Set as Default Card".

Android, Google Pay, and Google are trademarks of Google LLC. 

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