Online Services

We all wish we had more time in our day but we only have 24-hours to get it all done. In an effort to save you time, DCCU offers a number of online services that allows you to do your banking on your schedule as much as possible.

In addition to the products noted above on the tabs, we offer a few “old fashioned” time savers as well:

  • Our Call Center is open 7 am – 7 pm weekdays and from 9 am until Noon on Saturdays. You’d be amazed at what we can take care of over the phone so you don’t need to make a trip to an office.
  • ART (Audio Response Teller) is a touch-tone telephone system to retrieve balances, make loan payments, and transfer money 24-hours a day if you don’t have access to your PC.
  • ATMs are more than just a cash dispenser. Our ATMs accept check and cash deposits while providing you with an image of the check on your receipt for your records. No need to wait until the lobby/drive up is open to make that deposit, you can make it on your terms.

Discover the convenience of banking from your computer any time. Online Banking enables you to:

  • Balance your checkbook
  • Transfer funds between your accounts AND with other members
  • View and print images of cleared checks
  • Make loan payments
  • Access your credit card info (current balance, credit limit, transactions, eStatements)
  • Spot potential fraud faster

Be sure to check out eMail Services – eLerts are notices that you choose to receive via eMail instead of paper mail. In fact, some notices are only available through eLerts. Receiving notices by eMail saves you time as paper notices can take up to 3 days to receive. Here are some of the notices available:

  • Overdrawn your account
  • Share balance falls below an amount you choose
  • Notified if personal info is changed
  • Share withdrawal above an amount you choose
  • Loan payment is past due

To sign up and receive notices by eMail, simply log in to Online Banking using the login panel to the right, click on Access Accounts, eMail Notification, eLerts Options, then choose the notices you’d like to receive.

You can pay just about anyone, from your doctor to the babysitter with the touch of a button – and it’s impossible to bounce a check! With Bill Payer you can:

  • Schedule one-time or recurring automatic monthly payments
  • Pay all your bills quickly on one screen with Quick Pay
  • Save money on postage stamps
  • Save money on checks
  • Feel secure knowing Bill Payer is in the same protected environment as Online Banking using the latest security features
  • Conveniently review 18 months of bill payment history

    Bill Payer is free with eStatements (also free) and only $6.00 a month without eStatements

eStatements are monthly statements sent to you electronically, instead of being sent through the mail. You simply log into Online Banking using the login panel to the right and click on eStatements (if you do not have Online Banking, click here for more information on this free service).

  • Convenient – View your statements anywhere you have Internet access, 24/7
  • Saves Time – No more waiting for your statement to arrive via the US postal mail
  • No Paper Filing – Access ALL of your eStatements online (Up to 10 year history)
  • Save Money – No foreign ATM fees from DCCU
  • Secure – eStatements operate in a protected environment
  • Identify Fraud Faster – Monitor your account with eStatements and Online Banking
  • Print eStatements you need, when you need them
  • Be Friendly to the Environment – No wasted paper
  • No waiting – eStatements are immediately available as soon as you sign up!

Sign up for FREE eStatements in 6 easy steps:
1. Log into Online Banking using the login panel to the right
2. Choose the Access Accounts tab and click on eMail Notification
3. Select eMail Preferences, choose HTML and save, click Yes to change eMail
Notification settings
4. Click on Manage eMail Notification
5. Choose eStatement Selection Options
6. Change from US Mail to Electronic

DCCU Text Banking allows you to quickly receive account information via text message.

Visit to register your mobile phone/device.
(Uses Online Banking User ID and Passwords)

Once registered, text the following to 21443:

  • dccu bal – Check your balances, on all deposit suffixes
  • dccu bal – Check your balance on a single suffix (get your checking balance text: dccu bal 9)
  • dccu xfer – Make transfers (transfer $5.55 from savings to checking text: dccu xfer 0 9 5.55)
  • dccu hist – View the last three transactions on your deposit suffixes
  • dccu help – Help with text commands
  • dccu acctshelp – Help with checking account balances and history
  • dccu xferhelp – Help with transfers
  • dccu stop – Unregister your mobile phone from DCCU’s Text Banking

NOTE: By opting in for text messaging alerts, standard text messaging rates by your mobile phone/device provider may apply, and are the responsibility of the mobile phone/device owner.

DCCU Mobile Banking is an easy way to access your account when you are on the go!

  • Check your balances
  • View account activity
  • View account history
  • Make transfers
  • Pay bills using Bill Payer
  • View current rates
  • Find a DCCU office or ATM near you

Using the web browser on your mobile phone/device, visit (Login is the same as Online Banking, you will need to first authenticate your device just like logging into a different computer.)

We also have DCCU Mobile Applications! Mobile Apps bring the convenience of Online Banking to your fingertips and makes viewing websites from your Smartphone easier. To download the DCCU Mobile App, simply enter into your browser, scroll down to the bottom left corner of the page, click the “Download App” button and follow the directions or click below to find out how to download:

NOTE: Data charges by your mobile phone/device provider may apply, and are the responsibility of the mobile phone/device owner.

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