Get a Head Start on Holiday Saving

Couple browsing on computer togetherWhile many are still regrouping from holiday spending, now is actually a great time to start planning your budget for the next holiday season. Because holiday gifts, parties, food, decorations, and travel can add up quickly, setting a solid saving plan is a great way to avoid overspending once the holiday season arrives.

One convenient way to save is with a Christmas Club account, which is a short-term savings account designed to help make setting money aside for holiday expenses easy. Simply make regular deposits throughout the year, and as the holidays approach, the money is deposited into the account you designate.

Some Christmas Club accounts come with restrictions to help deter withdrawals throughout the year, so before opening a Christmas Club account, make sure you are aware of the details, including terms and interest rates.

Opening a savings account, like a Christmas Club, and saving all year long, could relieve some of the stress related to the holiday spending. Learn more about DCCU’s savings account options.

This article is for general information only and not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.

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