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DCCU will never contact you by phone or email and ask for your Social Security Number, PIN, verification code, or passwords. This information is personal and confidential to you, and under no circumstances would we require this information over the phone, text message, email, or by any other channel. If you receive a phone call asking for this information, please hang up and call DCCU immediately at 540-946-3200. If you believe you are a victim of fraud or scam, contact the police in your area and any financial institution involved.

January 2020

DCCU is aware of recent fraudulent activity related to PayPal Debit Card purchases. As a preventative measure, we actively monitor card usage and contact affected members to validate transactions.

Please keep a close eye on your account and notify DCCU immediately if you notice any unauthorized charges at 540-946-3200. As always, DCCU has Zero Liability assurance, which means our members are not liable for any unauthorized transactions that occur as a result of fraudulent activity.

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