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Money Market Accounts

A Money Market account provides you the opportunity to earn a higher return on your money compared to a simple savings account, but allows access to your funds when you need it.

Money Market Benefits & Features

When you want to earn a higher return than a simple savings account, but want access when you need it, a Money Market Account may be your best option. Money Market accounts usually pay a higher rate than savings accounts but normally lower than CDs. These accounts are also insured by the federal government and require a higher balance than a savings account.

$1,000 Minimum Balance

$1,000 minimum balance required to earn dividends

No Monthly Fee

Enjoy the benefits of no monthly fees

Earn Dividends

Computed daily, paid monthly

Complimentary Withdrawals

Enjoy 6 penalty-free withdrawals per month

Minimum Withdrawals

Minimum withdrawal amount is $100

Access to Funds

Funds are easy to access

Help Me Decide
Natalie Rudy
A Money Market is a great option for people who are saving for a large purchase or long-term goal.
Natalie Rudy
Member Advisor, Woodstock

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