DCCU Scholarships

At DCCU we have been awarding scholarships to local students for over 20 years. As a credit union, we are committed to helping students achieve their higher educational goals.

The deadline to participate in our 2018 Scholarship Contest was March 5, 2018. Scholarship winners will be determined by March 30, 2018 and notified shortly after. The scholarship is a one-time award and proceeds will be sent directly to the financial aid office at the educational institution once the Credit union has been notified that registration has been completed. Membership with DCCU is not a requirement.

For questions or further information, contact Sarah Landram, Community Development Manager, at or 540.946.3200 Ext: 3149.

Congratulations 2017 Scholarship Recipients!

Applicants were asked to write a 750 to 1000 word essay based on the following questions:

What do you think is the greatest economical challenge small business owners will face in the next three to five years and why should DCCU be concerned about it? What role can the credit union play in helping small business owners in our community be successful in today's economy?

2017 scholarship recipients and excerpts from their winning essays are shown below:

Crystal Drumheller
Adult Category
“In today's economy, small businesses face many challenges. Partnering with the right bank will help them navigate challenges such as budgeting, advertising costs, and startup costs. By forming relationships with small businesses, DuPont Credit Union shows the community they truly stand behind it and want it to succeed.”

Jennifer Shoemaker
Broadway High School
“The number one thing that DCCU can do to help small businesses be successful in today's economy is supporting them no matter what. This may require taking out a small business loan. By offering them a loan DCCU is giving them the jumpstart that they need to get started."

Austin Armentrout
Buffalo Gap High School
"Small business owners will face the overwhelming challenge of competing with large corporations in the marketplace. Thankfully, these entrepreneurs have the help granted by DuPont Community Credit Union. Without DuPont's resources, local small businesses would not be able to stay in operation.”

Erika Thorpe
Central High School
“A challenge small business owners within our community face is product pricing and how to make competition more competitively priced to the larger corporations. Stability is crucial for the small business owner. DuPont Community Credit Union is a staple to our small business owners and is necessary to provide security and stability.”

Madison Shifflett
East Rockingham High School
“Credit unions should be concerned about the financial status of small, local businesses because they provide them money each year through the loans and credit they obtain. By DCCU helping our local community and businesses, they will also help the local economy in the long run. This benefits everyone involved in the business cycle, which is a triumph for the credit unions and the entrepreneurs.”

Kallie Grove
Fort Defiance High School
“There are many different options that DCCU can take to help small business owners, but the best option would be to provide financial counseling specifically for these businesses. DCCU should employ a specialist in small business management. This specialist will teach small business owners how to maximize their profits, how to file their taxes, how to attract new customers, how to retain those customers, and finally how to modernize their business.”

Darla Horne
Harrisonburg High School
“In order to save small businesses from failure, DuPont Community Credit Union must be flexible and be willing to work with small businesses to come up with specific financial plans in order to continue a successful small business.”

Ian Jehring
“The greatest economic challenge facing small businesses in the next three to five years is the ability to obtain and leverage capital. By providing competitive rates to prospective businesses, DCCU can allow businesses to receive a fair price for their loan.”

Allison Clark
Parry McCluer High School
“Small businesses face hurdles that require capital to overcome. With the right amount of capital spent in the right places like market field studies, advertising and exposure, small businesses can have a better start. DuPont Community Credit Union can be a vital asset in the area of providing capital to small businesses.”

Erin Lyons
Private School (Ridgeview Christian)
“The start-up of small businesses has declined greatly over the past several years, but there is hope for the future. This is where our community credit union can help. They offer strategies to improve overall operating costs, and offer lower interest rates over an extended period of time.”

Ethan Ernst
Riverheads High School
“In the next five years, credit unions could greatly increase the growth of our economy by allowing more businesses to get a good start on their goals by providing good, detailed loan choices, offering expertise to starting businesses to help them manage cash flow and expenses, and by creating flexible business loan plans that provide security for the first few years of a new business.”

Jacob Warner
Robert E. Lee High School
“By supporting local business, the credit union can help the community and maintain its business. First, DCCU should make special loans with lower interest available to people who either own a small, local business or are planning on starting one. This will create an incentive for people to invest in the community and DCCU.”

Joshua Thomas
Rockbridge County High School
“In my opinion, education is the key to small business owners becoming successful and remaining successful. I think that DCCU is definitely a community oriented business and through continued loan opportunities for small businesses, DCCU can help these businesses succeed.”

Bailey Carpenter
Spotswood High School
“The greatest economic challenge small businesses face is providing affordable healthcare to their employees. I think that DuPont Community Credit Union can help those small businesses provide affordable healthcare to their employees by allowing business owners to have flexible payments, lower interest rates on loans, and having competitive interest bearing checking accounts.”

Madison Long
Stonewall Jackson High School
The greatest economic challenge that small business owners will be facing in the next three to five years is competition with not only other small business owners but big businesses too. DuPont Community Credit Union can help these small business owners by providing them with information on how to manage their money and product.”

Jesse Boyce
Strasburg High School
“Small business will fail to grow without the help of others and by falling into the trap of the technological world. DuPont Community Credit Union is vitally important for small businesses' survival because they were once a small business, and they can provide the financial support small businesses need.”

Garrett Campbell
Stuarts Draft High School
“The greatest economic challenge to small businesses in the next three to five years will be keeping up with the advances of technology along with the costs of these advances. To help combat this, DuPont Community Credit Union can give loans at lower rates in order to help kick start these small businesses which will allow them to pay more easily for the new technologies they need to keep up a successful business.”

Stephanie Crisman
Technical and Licensure Category
“I think education is the number one way DCCU could help small business owners. DCCU could offer a fantastic opportunity to educating the community around them. In this scenario, small business customers would not be the only beneficiary of offering training/seminars....DCCU will too.”

Iain Slater
Turner Ashby High School
Many small business owners are concerned about increasing interest rates. DCCU can help small businesses by offering some financing now for longer terms while rates are low.”

Rebecca Pereles
Waynesboro High School
“Small businesses face challenges due to a shortage of skilled workers. DCCU can partner with workforce training programs to attract both high school students and adults who are unemployed or underemployed. DCCU can invest in workforce training programs, as well as small business that encourage employees to gain new skills.”

Nolan Vess
Wilson Memorial High School
“By partnering with other local businesses to offer programs and services to its members, DCCU would be creating a network of small businesses in the area thus further growing local economy while simultaneously freeing up the owners' time and capital to focus on e-commerce and rising payroll costs.”

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