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DCCU is committed to helping students achieve their higher educational goals.

The deadline to participate in our 2021 scholarship contest was March 8, 2021. Scholarship winners will be notified in April. The scholarship is a one-time award and proceeds will be sent directly to the financial aid office at the educational institution once the Credit Union has been notified that registration has been completed. 

For questions or further information, contact Sarah Landram, Community and Business Development Manager, at or 540.946.3200 Ext: 3149. 


Congratulations 2020 Scholarship Recipients!

The transition to college is a pivotal time in a student’s life. Colleges and technical schools teach valuable skills that can provide increased opportunities over the course of a career. While every situation is different, one thing is certain – college is costly and scholarships are more important than ever before.

DCCU has been awarding scholarships since 1995. We see our scholarship program as another way we give back to our community and help make an impact in the lives of students and their families. Investing in local students represents our commitment and passion for education as we help ease the stress of paying for college.

This year, applicants were asked to write an essay about how they would describe Corporate Social Responsibility, why it’s important, and how DCCU can be more socially responsible. DCCU awarded a total of $27,000 in scholarships to deserving students in our community.

Congratulations to our 2020 scholarship winners. We wish you great success in your educational pursuits. Excerpts from their winning essays are shown below:

Yolanda Jean
Adult Category
“DuPont Community Credit Union could create a social responsibility mission statement. It helps employees and the community to understand the importance and the dedication the company has to serving the community. CSR has the ability to empower the employees.  It also attracts future employees that are eager to make a difference in the world.” 

Taylor Moorman
Broadway High School
“DuPont Community Credit Union is socially responsible by default, as they are an organization owned by members who hold varying levels of influence. Hearing from different perspectives allows this organization to understand its direct impact on members and member's views of their impact on society and can, therefore, take the responsibility to help solve these issues.”

Brittany Mongold
Buffalo Gap High School
“DuPont Community Credit Union already does a stupendous job at being socially responsible. They not only support students with the help of scholarships, but they also are very involved in the community around them. An objective to help DCCU become more socially responsible is being more involved in environmental efforts and focusing on being more green.”

Gabrielle Fream
Central High School
“I suggest starting as small as providing a place for members of the community to recycle when they come down to talk about their credit. If people knew DCCU had recycling centers in the facility, people would stop by more in order to properly dispose of their things. In turn, more potential customers are dropping in because they know you have a convenient place for people to recycle.”

Jessica Fikac
Clarke County High School
“I definitely learned that a way DCCU can become more socially responsible is by continuing this scholarship as I was able to learn a lot just by answering these questions and maybe even go beyond a scholarship and visit schools to inform students on what they can be looking for in future employers and work places.”

Dwight May, II
East Rockingham High School
“DCCU can become more socially responsible in a few different ways. First DCCU could start to give back to the community in new and different ways through local food banks and homeless shelters. Second, DCCU could investigate their current practices and analyze their effects on the environment, and exploit alternative methods of doing business to protect the world we live in.”

Courtney Sheets
Fort Defiance High School
“Another thing that other Credit Unions do is referral rewards. This would help spread the word of DuPont easily because the members would be trying to get the reward by talking about the Credit Union to other people. This would benefit the customer and the company.”

William Morris
Harrisonburg High School
“Some ways that businesses can show corporate social responsibility are by participating in charities/donations, boosting beneficial political causes, and providing media support for institutions which help society. DuPont Community Credit Union, by virtue of being a financial institution, can uphold all three by choosing which companies to invest in.”

Courtney Hoover
Highland High School
“There are many ways that organizations can show corporate social responsibility, including in the form of donations to charities, employee volunteering, environmentally conscious production processes, and ethical labor practices. When an organization's corporate social responsibility efforts send a message to the greater community that it recognizes it is in a position to help society and is acting upon that acknowledgement.”

Bradley Sions
James Wood
“It's no surprise then that more firms might be investing in CSR, but as I think about it, firms should not pursue CSR simply for benefits like greater productivity. However, when firms and organizations like DuPont Community Credit Union legitimately focus on CSR activities to better society and the environment, it benefits the business and all those involved.”

Emma Casto
“While there is no doubt that DCCU cares about giving back to the community and supporting its members, I feel they can become more socially responsible by investing more time, resources, and effort into the environmental aspect of CSR.  I would like to see DCCU investing in organizations and nonprofits that are centered around keeping the Shenandoah Valley clean.”

Sophia Young
Millbrook High School
“I believe that DuPont Community Credit Union can improve their social responsibilities by providing more activities for the individual employee to engage in. Corporate social responsibility is essential for a company to succeed as both the company and community receive benefits from using the business platform for good.”

Kennedy Strickler
Page County
“When looking at ways that DCCU can become more socially responsible, a good way to start can be as simple as getting ideas from the community. People like being involved in things that are directly affecting them, and DCCU is definitely one of those companies. Holding public meetings, sending surveys to customers, and making an effort to have personal interactions with those that you are wanting to make business with is essential in setting a good precedent for your company.” 

Holden Kerr
Parry McCluer High School
“All of this charity work is fantastic, but DCCU also provides help in the form of financial literacy information, which is vital not only to the average, middle-aged American, but also to young adults and teens who are new to the world of budgeting, saving, and banking systems. This is where I see an opportunity for DCCU to even further improve the lives of their local communities, as young Americans are in dire need of knowledge to help them become more financially stable.”

Maya Ferrell
“DCCU could be more socially responsible by creating more awareness in the community of the differences between a credit union and a bank. And with this, creating more opportunities for people to open accounts and start building credit. There could be a reward system for paying on time and this can help teach people how to handle their money better.”

Carson Sellers
Riverheads High School
“How can DCCU become more socially responsible? DuPont Community Credit Union could hold sessions about student loans. What DuPont Community Credit Union offers in that line or what you would need to do to apply for one.  Many seniors will have a need for a student loan and many do not know what to do.” 

Mary Troise
Rockbridge County High School
“Simply speaking, people are inclined to do business with friends rather than strangers and by being a more visible face in the community DCCU can simultaneously address the ethical mantle of Corporate Social Responsibility while also ensuring the continued growth of membership and financial assets.”    

Colton Good
Spotswood High School
“DuPont Community Credit Union is a socially responsible entity. DCCU might also provide free online mini-classes in business, investing, loans, marketing, and other areas in which your employees have expertise.”

Zoe Stahl
Staunton High School
“DCCU could use environmental conservation. The Earth's sky is partially full of greenhouse gases and CSR programs are here to make the environment better by reducing them. When it comes to environmental work on CSR, there's always a chance to get rid of climate change across the globe.”

Constance Polk
Stonewall Jackson High School
“To make DCCU more Corporate Socially Responsible I would suggest when people come in looking for loans that their interest rates would be based on their income and if they could pay it off with just paying the minimum each month.”

Trevor Sager
Strasburg High School
“Some things that I think DCCU could do to show even more social responsibility to our community would be to sponsor events that work towards cleaning up and sustaining the environment.  Some possibilities would be for you to partner with local organizations to pick up trash along roadsides, clean up our local streams and rivers, and to sponsor events to plant trees in areas where development has destroyed vegetation.” 

Molly Coffey
Stuarts Draft High School
“Efforts to help the environment is an excellent option DCCU can use to practice corporate social responsibility. DCCU could also use reusable, sustainable office supplies. A focus on sustainability is a great way for DCCU to practice corporate social responsibility.”

James Landes
“One way that DCCU could be more socially responsible is by hiring veterans. Hiring veterans is great for public relations, and businesses who hire them are usually popular with the community.”

Michael Willis
Turner Ashby High School
“The second way DCCU can exercise social responsibility is by providing small microloans to small and starting businesses. This would be excellent for the economy of the area, as it would encourage people to start, continue, and/or expand their businesses.”

Kylie Burnworth
Warren County High School
“How can DCCU become more socially responsible?  I would suggest offering a workshop to people interested in finances – particularly young graduates like myself who have little knowledge of such things.”

Anissa Salzman
Waynesboro High School
“One way DuPont Community Credit Union could become more socially responsible is if they provided an informative class for a couple hours at least once a month. There are many people in the area facing poverty who are struggling to budget that could really benefit from this class.”

Colin Marx
Wilson Memorial High School
“DCCU could show even more responsibility as a corporation if they invest in young people in the local community.  Twenty somethings have increased by about 10 percent.  DCCU could grow its business as well by investing in budding college students that get an education and come back to the friendly atmosphere where they were raised.”

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