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DCCU believes in the importance of education and is proud to support area students who are committed to continuing their education.

The deadline to participate in our 2017 Scholarship Contest was March 6, 2017. Scholarship winners will be determined by March 31, 2017 and notified shortly after. The scholarship is a one-time award and proceeds will be sent directly to the financial aid office at the educational institution once the Credit Union has been notified that registration has been completed.

For questions or further information, contact Sarah Landram, Community Development Manager, at SLandram@mydccu.com or 540.946.3200 Ext: 3149.

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Congratulations 2016 Scholarship Recipients!

Applicants were asked to write a 750 to 1000 word essay based on the following questions:

How do you think technological innovation has changed the financial industry over the last ten years? In light of these changes, how can DCCU balance innovation with personal service for our members?

2016 scholarship recipients and excerpts from their winning essays are shown below:

Amy Leap Miller
Adult Category
“To balance innovation with personal service, DCCU will need to be well versed in both the technological realm as well as traditional methods of banking to meet the needs of all clients.”

Jenna Hostetler
Broadway High School
“I believe it is important to balance new technological innovations with the "old" ways of banking. When a member needs something fast it can be done, but he or she also has those relationships with the tellers who understand their situation by being in contact from day to day.”

Amber Stokes
Buffalo Gap High School
“While technology has changed the techniques of traditional banking, DCCU has managed to provide both online and in office services that appeal to all clients.”

Lauran Baker
Central High School
"Even though times have evolved significantly over the past ten years enabling technological innovation to forever change the financial industry, folks can feel confident in knowing that DCCU has and will continue to successfully balance that with above average personal service for their members.”

Kishankumar Parikh
East Rockingham High School
“The new technologies developed in the last decade have truly revolutionized the finance industry, and DCCU should continue to support their development and continue to adapt in an ever increasingly technology savvy world.”

Kris Cleveland
Fort Defiance High School
"Over the past ten years, there have been many changes that have helped to reshape the financial industry. Technology has helped to connect the world and in doing so has globalized the financial sector. DCCU knows they need to balance innovation and [member] service and do a great job. “

Michelle Eckstein
Harrisonburg High School
“Technological innovations will continue to make the financial industry more convenient and help banks better serve members. Through social media, reward programs, and personal accounts DDCU can lead the initiative to individualize each unique member.”

Grace Blanchard
Highland County High School
“I believe the best way DCCU can balance technological innovation with [member] service is to always strive for [member] safety. DCCU should educate their [members] about proper banking practices, new innovations in banking, and protecting [members] from fraud and identity theft.”

Christyna Gardner
Parry McCluer High School
“People should work together with technology. Creating a system in which people work with technology rather than technology being used for every task will improve the quality of the financial industry.”

Telijah Fitch
Private School (Grace Christian School)
“Lots of things, including banking, have changed technologically in the past ten years. If all continues the way it is going now, DCCU will have lots of happy members for years to come as they continue to adapt to changing technology."

Katie Stogdale 
Riverheads High School
"To balance the new technology with personal interaction, it is important to give the option of using the technology or letting the teller use the technology for you.”  

Mahek Mehta
Robert E. Lee High School
“As the prevalence of technology in the financial industry continues to rise, it is important to retain an aspect of personal service as well. People appreciate knowing that someone is taking the time to assist them because they genuinely care.”

Jennifer Hildreth
Rockbridge County High School
“Technology is just a tool. It can make things easier or it can make things much more difficult. Providing easy to use software and services, along with personal service will keep [DCCU members] coming back.”

Sophie Witmer
Spotswood High School
“In order to balance innovation with personal service for its members, DuPont Community Credit Union must offer specific aspects of customer service within its online and mobile banking services so that its members feel a sense of security on a more personal level.”

Nathan Miller
Stonewall Jackson High School
“DuPont Community Credit Union should offer one-on-one personal service from a real person and no automated recording. It would be a great balance between innovation with the online banking applications and other advancements while having a real person there to answer your every need.”

Kayla Blair
Stuarts Draft High School
“So, how can DuPont Community Credit Union balance innovation with personal service for their members? DuPont Community Credit Union changing with the ever growing interest and demand of their members will be the most rational thing to do.”

Kelly Rohrer
Turner Ashby High School
“To maintain excellent personal service in the face of these changes, [DCCU] must continue to reach out to their members and prospective members through online means like social networking sites. [DCCU] must also help their community members learn how and when to use online tools in the face of this financial revolution.”

Benjamin Lahn
Waynesboro High School
“DCCU should meet members halfway by offering them a personalized approach to banking based on the needs of the individual. The necessity of technology in our everyday finances will never cease but that should not keep DCCU from offering an experience where the member, not the computer is at the center.”

John Frisbie
Wilson Memorial High School
“Most importantly, DuPont Community Credit Union must balance personal service with innovation for its members. Personal outreach to members and highlighting security concerns may provide solutions to this issue.”

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