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At DCCU we have been awarding scholarships to local students for 25 years. As a Credit Union, we are committed to helping students achieve their higher educational goals.

The deadline to participate in our 2020 scholarship contest was March 9, 2020. Scholarship winners will be determined by March 31, 2020 and notified shortly after. The scholarship is a one-time award and proceeds will be sent directly to the financial aid office at the educational institution once the Credit Union has been notified that registration has been completed.

For questions or further information, contact Sarah Landram, Community and Business Development Manager, at or 540.946.3200 Ext. 3149.


Congratulations 2019 Scholarship Recipients!

Commitment to Education

The transition to college is a pivotal time in a student's life. Colleges and technical schools teach valuable skills that can provide increased opportunities over the course of a career. While every situation is different, one thing is certain - college is costly and scholarships are more important than ever before.

DCCU has been awarding scholarships since 1995. We see our scholarship program as another way we give back to our community and help make an impact in the lives of students and their families. Investing in local students represents our commitment and passion for education as we help ease the stress of paying for college.

This year, applicants were asked to write an essay about how they would describe financial health, why it's important, and how DCCU can help to improve the financial health of the community. Once the winners were selected, DCCU employees attended many of the year-end awards programs to present $1,000 scholarship awards in person. DCCU awarded a total of $26,000 in scholarships to deserving students in our community.

Congratulations to our 2019 scholarship winners. We wish you great success in your educational pursuits. Excerpts from their winning essays are shown below: 

Karen Sumner
Adult Category

“I feel some people would measure financial health strictly by how much money they have. I measure it by the ability to meet the following goals: Not living paycheck to paycheck, paying my mortgage bill without struggle, having an adequate emergency fund, maintaining aggressive retirement accounts, sending my children to activities, contributing to their 529 plans so they do not struggle to succeed the way I have, and having my children be proud of their mom for providing for them.”

Rebecca Hardesty 
Broadway High School
“Having such an enormous impact on everyone's lives, financial health is extremely important. DuPont Community Credit Union has given to the community a tremendous amount through its low interest rates, offering scholarships and grants, and benefiting its members by being non-profit. They have already helped improve the community's financial health a large amount, and I am positive they are going to continue to help improve the community's financial health as time goes on.”

Nikki Pettry 
Buffalo Gap High School
"Money and finances have a large role in everything from day to day activities to big life decisions, such as going to university and buying a home. Financial health thus takes on an elevated importance; one must consider the smartest decision when spending their money as it could make all the difference. DuPont Community Credit Union is an institution in the perfect position to invest in the young people of the region to ensure a financial health for years to come.”

Haleigh Myrtle  
Central High School
“Financial health is how well you manage your money to determine if you are in good financial standing, whether this is how much money you are saving for something you want, or how much you spend a week on things you do not really need. Financial health is also a crucial part of every community, and this means that the more people we have in the community that are financially stable, the more the community will be more stable overall.”

Cynthia Fairbanks 
Clarke County High School
"Overall, being financially healthy can be seen in many different perspectives, but the overpowering definition for being financially healthy is being able to conserve funds, not be impulsive in buying/spending, and using DCCU to help you with your financial needs or goals!”

Kayli Mitchell 
East Rockingham High School
“DuPont Community Credit Union has a mission of creating an authentic relationship with the community. Their dedication to giving back and helping the community shows in their statement "we believe in people- not profits. Your story is our story, and we're here for you every step of the way." Being a member of DuPont Community Credit Union comes with many benefits that give the opportunity for improvement of financial health.”

Clayton Kershner 
Fort Defiance High School
“DCCU is able to help the community by providing a safe place for people to save money in checking, savings and investment accounts. This is important to the community because people need to be able to trust a place to keep their money safe.”

Gabriel Poirot 
Harrisonburg High School
"Financial health is just like physical health, where all the parts of your body work in unison to achieve a common goal. When someone is financially healthy they are able to cover all of their expenses, invest in their future, and still have some left over to enjoy life to the fullest. Strong financial health will withstand even the most dire crisis."

Jaime Trejo-Angeles 
John Handley High School
“DCCU offers options as to help younger generations and to guide those who want to improve their financial health. Overall, their main goal is to teach financial education in the communities they serve and to remain committed to teaching the importance of making wise financial decisions.”

Danielle Hale 
“Being financially healthy means that you are spending and saving your money in a way that allows you to do things that are important to you. Therefore, financial health will look different for each person.”

Isys Jones 
Millbrook High School
"I feel good financial health is properly investing money and using your money to help and assist those when possible.  Good financial health also takes discipline." 

DiLaina Huffman 
Parry McCluer High School
“To me, financial health means being in a comfortable place with finances. It means there is not much worry over debts, payments, or bills because the person has a solid understanding of their financial capacity.”

Daniel Palacios 
“I think being financially healthy is vital to success because the habits made with money starting now will affect the habits developed when one gets older. Choosing to save money as opposed to spending is hard for some people, but forming those habits early on will help in the long run.”

Keith Bell 
Riverheads High School
“Financial health is an infinitely complicated concept ruled by our ability to properly and responsibly spend, use, and accumulate money. It holds a lasting impact on not just our lives, but also the opportunities available to us therein.”

Isaiah Knopp 
Robert E. Lee High School
“DuPont Community Credit Union has the opportunity to inform and disseminate knowledge on financial health through the youths of the community. By giving out scholarships that enlighten the young adults, such as this very one, DuPont promotes sustainable financial assistance and thought provoking ideas on the state of financial health in people's homes and futures.”

Hannah Mayr 
Rockbridge County High School
“Financial health begins with having a proper perspective and healthy beliefs about money's role in our personal and community lives. Right thinking about money then leads to changed behavior towards money. When money is kept in its proper place it can be a tool to improve our lives as well as the lives of others around us.”

Hailey Catalano 
Sherando High School
“If a person is in good financial health, I think of their bills being paid on time, having good credit, and being able to make decisions easier for items in life that may be harder for others to purchase. Financial health means less worry and stress, and more freedom.”

Kiaya Wenger 
Spotswood High School
“To help improve the financial health of the community, DCCU strongly emphasizes financial education to its members to aid them in making better financial decisions throughout their life. DCCU aims to provide resources to empower smart financial decisions to make people's lives easier and less stressful when it comes to finances.”

Virginia Biller 
Stonewall Jackson High School
“Finances and economics play major roles in the day to day lives of every individual. It is critical for each and every person to have an adequate understanding of financial health and know how to improve, maintain, and manage their financial health.”

Satchel Roller 
Strasburg High School
“It is important to be aware of your financial situation and how it compares to stress, mental health, and physical well being. This is why DCCU plays such an important role in our communities. Without the knowledge and education DCCU provides on financial health to its community members. Good standing financial health would be less easier to attain.”

Brooke Burnett
Stuarts Draft High School
“Financial health is by far the most important asset a citizen can maintain to ensure their future security and prosperity. To be financially healthy is to have a steady balance between saving and spending, as well as an additional placement of extra funds (such as investing, donating, etc.).”

Zach Bishop  
“The reason people most of the time struggle with finances is because of poor habits and poor education. DCCU offers many different options and resources on becoming educated. They cover many different topics on their website such as budgeting, credit, savings and a lot more. DCCU makes it their goal to assist in improving the financial health of the community.”

Emily Daggett 
Turner Ashby High School
“Indicators of strong financial health include a steady income, predictable expenses, and good investments. Being prepared for the unexpected, such as job insecurity or ill health, is also important for good financial health.”

Kaley Foulks  
Warren County High School
“DuPont Community Credit Union has the ability to create community education programs to work with community members to increase financial literacy, saving, and financial freedom. As DuPont Community Credit Union works with community members and educate them, the burden of financial insecurity and instability will be lifted from families.”

Samuel Pereles 
Waynesboro High School
“Financial health is a measure of an individual's ability to not only cover immediately pressing costs, but also to plan for future purchases and emergencies in a safe and relaxed manner. If an individual is in a financially healthy situation, then he or she can weather emergencies, such as income loss due to market downturns, ill health, or layoffs.”

Shelby Slayton 
Wilson Memorial High School
“Someone's financial well-being is not solely based on someone's income, it is planning for the future: retirement, health care, create multiple savings accounts, establishing a budget, and especially emergency cases.”

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