DCCU Scholarships

At DCCU we have been awarding scholarships to local students for over 20 years. As a Credit Union, we are committed to helping students achieve their higher educational goals.

The deadline to participate in our 2019 scholarship contest was February 4, 2019. Scholarship winners will be determined by February 28, 2019 and notified shortly after. The scholarship is a one-time award and proceeds will be sent directly to the financial aid office at the educational institution once the Credit Union has been notified that registration has been completed.

For questions or further information, contact Sarah Landram, Community and Business Development Manager, at or 540.946.3200 Ext: 3149.


Congratulations 2018 Scholarship Recipients!

Applicants were asked to write a 750 - 1000 word essay based on the following questions:

What do you think are the most important banking products and services you will need access to during college and why? How can DCCU help young adults with their banking needs during the college years and beyond?

2018 scholarship recipients and excerpts from their winning essays are shown below:

Andrea Lync
Adult Category
“Eventually, young adults will obtain their first credit card…I know when I applied for my first [credit] card, DCCU was wonderful by explaining the process and how important it was to handle my credit card usage responsibly. I feel this taught me about taking my finances seriously while I was young and still learning.”

Richard Brown
Bath County
“One way to help would be to go to the local high schools and offer a college finance preparation workshop for seniors and their parents. During this workshop, DCCU representatives can give helpful advice and information for student financing and savings.”

Destiny Shoemaker
Broadway High School
“DuPont Community Credit Union can help young adults help with their banking needs in another way not just during their time college, but beyond in their working lives through financial education. It can come in the form of classes, conversations between bankers and customers, or even something as simple as pamphlets or website pages. They can discuss and teach about a variety of topics important not only in ensuring financial stability and responsibility, but increasing personal wealth.”

Allison Wilhoit
Buffalo Gap High School
“Since DuPont is a local, not-for-profit lender, students can breathe easy knowing they will not be taken advantage of or cheated out of any money in the long run.”

Ayanna Strother
Central High School
“To be financially responsible it's important for me to understand my credit score, how to budget money, improving my savings plan and borrowing for a car or a home. DuPont offers several learning opportunities in these areas. Understanding how each of these processes and products work is vital for helping me make future financial decisions.”

Eleanor Welch
Clarke County
“The most important thing for us to achieve is service to our community. DCCU models this service by offering students and adults the ability to start something new. Some people shy away from the thought of taking a loan because they will need to pay it back later, and while I do not want to be in debt either, I think that these students are missing something: We already owe our communities. We owe our parents, teachers, friends, and loved ones for the time they've spent with us, the cost of raising us, the trials they've endured for us, in short, for helping us become the capable and eager young students we are today. In the same way which I plan to pay off a student loan, I am ready to at least attempt to pay back my community and loved ones.”

Rachel Nott
East Rockingham High School
“DCCU offers many services and programs for bankers of all ages and stages of life. In college, they offer great tools to help students get ready for the real world. After college, they have similar things that make banking easier and less of a hassle.”

Sarah Wright
Fort Defiance High School
“In order for financial institutions to have happy customers, the institutions should allow everyone access to many banking products and services. When college students open an account with an institution, they will likely continue to use the same institution throughout their college years and beyond.”

Abby Lachance
Harrisonburg High School
“It can be difficult to carry around cash on a daily basis, and a debit card is just one swipe away from a bank account. Just one card can pay for groceries, lunch trips, or vacations when linked to a checking account. With the chip now added into most cards, it makes cards less accessible to thieves. The higher security with debit cards is always best when on a college campus.”

Tyler Ostinato
James Wood High School
“I believe that DuPont Community Credit Union can help students like me become more confident in being able to pay for college, by providing knowledge on banking techniques to ensure a positive financial future.”

Joseph Rosenfeld
John Handley High School
“You need to understand exactly what your financial situation is and what you are doing with your money. This is why a reliable checking and savings account are so important, they make it a lot easier to keep track of your capital.”

Nicole Ruffner
Luray High School
“Gen Z generation we find the use of a check to be more cumbersome than helpful, in most cases we do not even order any, there is less risk when not having them to have forged or stolen checks. We are very safety conscious when pertaining to our money. The debit card will be important for us on a daily basis for us to make our daily purchases such as gas, and of course our coffee, we will also have the need to pay for our accumulation college expense now and upon the completion of our degrees.”

Michael Eller
Masters/Doctorate Category
“With college becoming increasingly unaffordable in today's economic climate, financial resources are more important than ever for the success of the average student in America. DCCU provides much needed lending and banking services for residents of the Shenandoah Valley. Along with private loans and customized banking solutions, DCCU emphasizes financial education. This demonstrates a dedication to serving the community rather than just internal economic growth.”

Daniel Ludwig
Millbrook High School
“The ideal student financial resource would enable access to ATMs without a fee in as many locations as possible, but in particular on the university grounds or nearby. It would have a debit card that would be compatible with the debit systems many universities operate - and ideally handle university script.”

Sarah Loomis
Homeschooled Category
“The final, and perhaps most important, service that banks provide to college students is support and information. In the transition period between parental shelter and complete adulthood, college students should learn how banking, investing, and other general money management practices work.”

Andrew Straley
Riverheads High School
“DuPont Community Credit Union can make managing money easy for students by helping them set up a checking and savings account, and teach them the pros and cons of each so they can make wise financial decisions for their future. They could also assist students during college years and beyond by educating young adults about the different services they offer, and by staying up to date with new technology.”

Andrew Koehn
Robert E. Lee High School
“The banking needs of young adults beyond college are just as important as their banking needs during college, so it is necessary for DCCU to continue to help students after they graduate. For starters, DCCU can help young adults beyond college by offering educational courses on financial responsibility and financial stability.”

Ashley Peckham
Rockbridge County High School
“When I head off to college, I will have to rely heavily on loans to get me through my education. Loans are important banking services that are helpful to not only students, but many others and their future plans. Receiving a student or personal loan is a legal agreement that must be paid back with interest. Repaying the loan will cost me more money, but in exchange, I will receive a college education. Taking out a loan for college can be an excellent investment in my future.”

Kyle Holliday
Sherando High School
“Another banking product that would be extremely beneficial for college students is an investment app designed specifically for college students. One of the classes in college is Investment and Portfolio Management. This is a class that teaches the very basics of investing.”

Drake Tomasi
Spotswood High School
“By giving students low interest rates and allowing them to pay debts after they are financially stable, banks will be helping the future generations and will be gaining loyalty from the appreciative students. The loyalty gained will lead to the graduates using the same bank for mortgages and other expenses later in life.”

Wade Banks
Stonewall Jackson High School
“I will need a good checking account with a solid company that will work for me and not for their own profit. It is very important to find a checking account with little to no fees, reasonable interest rates, and ease of access. These features will help me to pay for the necessities of college. This is why I believe that DuPont Community Credit Union's reward checking account is the ideal checking account for any young adult.”

Kristin Hamman
Strasburg High School
“Finally, as a college student and beyond, student loans will start to build up and soon become a monthly bill when out of college. As a result, DuPont has many options to help get college students ready and educated about this process. From financial advisers to lending money to students through student loans, DuPont is ready to stand by the students to make this process more understandable and affordable.”

Ben Chatterton
Stuarts Draft High School
“While college may be difficult financially, the services that are offered will provide significant peace of mind and better advise me about my money. In addition, I understand that I will never be rich; teachers are not meant for immense wealth, but I do believe that DCCU could help me live much more comfortably.”

Cody Cubbage
Technical Licensure
“With the easy steps to become a member of DCCU, I believe beginning my adult life after high school graduation will be a breeze. If I am able to get the needed student loans and scholarships now it will benefit me in the future helping pave the way to good credit. I will be paying interest to a community bank that works to help myself and the area and not an institution with people I never meet and continue to give my money to.”

Brittany Rohrer
Turner Ashby High School
“A user friendly spending plan feature within the DCCU app could help students monitor their everyday spending. Students could enter their estimated expenses for necessities, such as groceries, over a period of time, and an estimated time of spending. With this information, the app could see how much money is in the student's checking and calculate how much money will be left over for other fluid expenses.”

Jacquelyn Ris
Warren County High School
“As we progress throughout life and eventually graduate, young adults like myself will begin to make major investments like purchasing a car, house, choosing insurance, and building credit. Discussing the overwhelming amount of options and offers that come with these purchases is a banking need that credit unions like the DCCU can help with by providing us with the tools and information necessary to make educated decisions.”

Isaac Edwards
Waynesboro High School
“As I begin to prepare my own budget, I can already predict that it will be difficult to separate and calculate the funds to be set aside for different categories of expenses such as rent, food, and books.  Since many students have a certain amount of money budgeted for these items, having the ability to set up separate accounts online or else having an account linked to a budgeting spreadsheet would be very helpful.”

Sydney Rourke
Wilson Memorial High School
“Being independent comes with responsibility and expenses. With the financial education from DuPont Community Credit Union, you will successfully learn how to budget and save during college, so that you are prepared to buy your first car or your first house.”

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